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Note: Only online music lessons are currently available.

Music teacher helps a student during her piano lesson

Music Lessons

Piano, Voice, and Music Theory

students of all skill levels - ages 4 and up

General Information
Book for general music lesson information

General Information

  • Lessons are one-on-one.

  • ​Lessons are tailored for each student according to their goals and interests.

  • ​Lessons are available in 30, 45, and 60-minute time slots. The duration I recommend depends on the age and current level of the student.

  • ​The music studied during lessons varies in genre, including, but not limited to, classical, popular, jazz, and Broadway.

  • ​Students are provided with clear assignments to practice and complete in preparation for each lesson.

  • All lessons are scheduled by appointment only. Please contact me to enquire about lesson availability.

Piano and Voice

Curriculum for Piano and Voice Lessons

Warm - Ups

Lessons begin with a series of warm-ups.​

  • Warm-ups for piano lessons are designed to wake up the fingers, build muscle memory, and improve technique. For each student, a specific book for warm-ups is chosen and assigned for practice between lessons. Depending on the student's current level and abilities, warm-ups may also include scales, arpeggios, and chord progressions.

  • In voice lessons, warm-ups are designed to stretch and relax the vocal muscles before singing. Exercises are customized for each student's vocal range and ability. The techniques utilized in warm-ups focus on improved breath control and support, ear training, vocal agility and much more.

Sight Reading

Warm-ups are followed by sight reading exercises. While the ability to sight read or sight sing can be quite difficult, it is also one of the most helpful skills to learn as a student and musician.

Music Theory

All lessons include music theory. The student's level and current repertoire determines the appropriate theory assignment for each lesson. Flashcards and games are utilized for younger students. Basic concepts include note reading, rhythm, symbols and terms, expression, and notation. If you are interested in a specific concept not listed, please contact me for more information.

Song Repertoire

The remainder of the lesson is focused on working through the student's current song repertoire. At any given time, each student has 2-4 pieces assigned. My students are also encouraged to request songs. I am more than happy to seek out new music to engage the interests of my students.

One - Time Coaching Lessons

Preparing for an audition or callback? I offer

one-hour coaching sessions for $70 per lesson.

For more information, please contact me.

Public Speaking Lessons for Actors

Many actors use improper projecting techniques, often causing sore throats and temporary loss of voice. If left uncorrected, this can result in permanent vocal damage. Healthy singing and public speaking utilize the same concepts. Please contact me to enquire about public speaking lessons.

Music Theory

Music Theory Lessons

While music theory is automatically included in piano and voice lessons, I also offer lessons strictly focused on music theory. This option would be ideal in the following circumstances:​

  • The student is taking piano or voice lessons with me, but would like to spend additional time focusing on music theory.

  • ​The student already plays an instrument, but did not learn music theory. They may be interested in learning how to read music, notation their own compositions, or gaining a deeper understanding of music theory.

  • ​The student is not interested in playing an instrument, but would like to learn about music theory for analysis purposes.

Music theory worksheet
Adult Students

Music Lessons for Adult Students

All lessons are also available for adult students. Perhaps you have always wanted to take voice lessons, or maybe you took piano lessons as a child. There are many benefits to taking lessons as an adult:​

  • Adult students learn the basics much quicker.

  • ​Adult students are capable of playing easy and recognizable pieces early on in their lessons.

  • ​Adult students are personally motivated to learn, ensuring enjoyment during lessons and practice time.

It is common to feel nervous and unsure of starting music lessons as an adult. However, it is never too late to learn a new skill.

Online Music Lessons
Devices for online music lessons

Online Music Lessons

Online music lessons are also an option for all my students. The only requirements are a camera and microphone, a reliable internet connection, and their instrument. I use Zoom to teach all online lessons and personally recommend using a laptop or table to connect; however, even a smartphone is capable of handling the task.

While online private lessons are very similar to traditional in-person lessons, they also come with many unique advantages, especially when it comes to convenience and accessibility. Students no longer need to travel to the music studio, staying in the comfort of their home and making it less likely to accidently forget their music books. Scheduling is more flexible, with more options available. Plus, anyone from anywhere can register for online lessons, no longer limited by geography. For my younger students, online lessons have been a great way to bond as a family, with parents and siblings often joining in for music games and dances.

Please refer here for more information about online music lessons.

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